LabPlot is a KDE application for data plotting and function analysis (data analysis and visualisation) on GNU/LinuxKDE data analysis and visualisation


LabPlot is an open source application for data plotting, function analysis, data analysis and visualisation written for KDE. It supports both 2D and 3D plots and tries to emulate most of the functions supported by programs like Microcal Origin (it's able to import Origin's data file) and SPSS Sigmaplot; flexible data reading/writing in different formats (cdf, netcdf, audio, binary, images and so on), reading of images (over 80 image formats), support for all GNU Scientific Library (GSL, a collection of routines for numerical computing. The routines are written from scratch by the GSL team in ANSI C, and present a modern API for C programmers, while allowing wrappers to be written for very high-level languages) functions and constants.

LabPlot uses a project metaphor that enables the user to work with multiple spreadsheets of data and plots of those data, experimenting or producing slightly different views of the same data.

Some features are:

  • Creation of attractive plots, includin LaTeX equations;
  • 2D and 3D data and function plotting;
  • Easy editing of plots;
  • Analysis of data and functions;
  • Support for different worksheets using MDI;
  • Spreadsheet for data import and editing;
  • Filters to import over 80 image formats and export worksheets as image, ps, eps or pdf and many other formats (using pstoedit or ImageMagick);
  • Average, smooth and prune data, compress, periodical and seasonal analysis, peak find, interpolation (splines, etc.), differences,  integration, fourier transform, (de)convolution and so on;
  • Save and open all worksheets and spreadsheet in a project file (*.lpl).

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